Interior / Exterior Alterations

Exterior Facade and Window
Removal & Replacement

We have incorporated a unique system for exterior facades, spandrel and window replacements without ever relocating your personnel from their space, which can be a great cost savings.

We fabricate and install pre-made weather and insect-proof panels on the inside to fit your windows sizes. We then replace the outside windows with new thermally broken window frames containing low “E” glass the next day, and remove the interior panels.

Our customers have been extremely satisfied with the minimum disruption this causes, and especially their return on investment due to the energy cost savings.

Raising the Roof

Need more space?

You can now obtain that additional space by raising the height of your existing structure to meet your needs.

Compare the costs of demolishing an existing structure and replacing it with a new one, versus raising the roof, and not having to pay again for all  of the lighting, electrical, plumbing, heating/cooling, etc.

We can accomplish this quickly, safely and at significant savings compared to demolishing and rebuilding your facility.

Just watch the movie below:

This 1.5-minute “Time-Lapse” video shows how we literally “Raised the Roof”

13 feet – all in ONE DAY, as part of a 6 week major renovation project for DOW Chemical.

Click on the Play Arrow to start the movie, and see the roof being raised in steps. Watch the video until the end  to see the finished project.