Select Demolition

While we complete Select Interior Demolition in unoccupied building and spaces, our expertise lies in completing Select Interior Demolition while a building or space is completely occupied around us.

During Select Interior Demolition projects in your occupied space, we maintain the air inside and outside of the construction area using microtraps (air filtering devices).  The microtraps provide two important features:  First, they filter the air at 99% clean air capacity.  Second, they maintain negative air pressure within our dust enclosures to ensure that air or dust from within the enclosure cannot escape.  These microtraps can also be outfitted with charcoal filters, which remove odors.  Coupled with pre-filters we install over all the building return ducts, your HVAC system can remain running at full capacity during the entire project.  This allows your employees to continue to complete their daily tasks, without any disruption, during your renovation.  Add tack mats to prevent foot traffic debris from leaving the construction site, tight fitting covers on all debris hoppers, employees with decades of experience and a superior knowledge of working in and around a customer’s employees and you have all the components to put together an Occupied Space Select Demolition project with guaranteed success.

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